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Find the real estate investor
right for your opportunities

We put more than 250 institutional investors at your disposal
direct for your opportunities and we share the commission
with you.

We know what investors are looking for

Proptan makes your job easy and increases the chances of closing opportunities thanks to our intelligent algorithm connecting demand and supply, putting a huge network of investment professionals at your fingertips.


Many types of properties
All investment

At Proptan we have a designed and trained algorithm and a catalog of potential investors and with this we make things happen and we put at your disposal the tools that will help the operations close. We are your partner to sell investment opportunities.

You know the owners , we bring in the international investors.

How does Proptan work?

Be traveling companions and win if you win

At Gestorial we have an algorithm designed and trained to find the correct investor for the specific property.


1. Upload a property

Easily fill out the property form, try to make sure it is as complete as possible. Generate the presentation, download it and when you have it ready, share it with us .


2. We find an investor

Once you have shared the property, our algorithm will cross-reference the characteristics of the property with the demands of investors. Subsequently, our review team will verify that all the information is correct and it will be sent directly to the emails of those investors .


3. We close deals

Operations are not just a matter of price and product, at Proptan we know that they depend a lot on adding fat and advising in the right direction. That's why we take care of everything to make it easier to close a good deal .


Proptan: your travel companion to the top

At Proptan we make things happen and we put at your disposal all the tools that will help close the operations. That is why our services for finding investors or property are successful per operation. Fellow travelers: We only win if you win a lot more.

Your digital collaboration network

Proptan offers a service based on trust, confidentiality and good practices
real estate

You decide when to share each property

Proptan's algorithm will match

Agility and traceability

The information you upload to the platform is yours. Once you have shared it, an agent will check that the information is correct and complete.

Once the information is reviewed and verified, all detailed information will be automatically sent to the email and to your private investor portal, to all investors who are looking for an opportunity like yours.

Thanks to technology, we help everything go more smoothly and your opportunities close faster. Better analysis, thus improving transparency and making good decisions.

Proptan gives the necessary agility to operations, increasing the capacity for analysis and making better decisions   investment.

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Compete with the big guys thanks to technology

We are the largest digital network of real estate investors in Spain


Become part of something big

Some of your clients have real estate investment products, Office Buildings, Hotels, Large Land, but your clients are small investors .


Proptan is your solution. We take care of everything.


Free operations CRM

We put at your disposal free and simple software with which you can follow the status of operations, make presentations quickly from your mobile, and follow up on operations. At Proptan we collaborate together, easily and effectively.


We know how investors think

We know how they think, what language they speak and how opportunities should be presented. How do we know? It is as simple as that our founding team comes from the largest international real estate consultancies and investment funds in the country .


The Perfect Tandem

We work very well on demand to take advantage of your knowledge on the ground. Demand algorithms, investment analysis software and contacts, many contacts. We make difficult things easy so that operations come to fruition .


Mantente al día de tu mercado con nuestros informes

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